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Our charter Psychles is a networking platform which will market, develop and diversify as it grows. It is a high-level social media marketing system with a strong personal focus. On Psychles you can say anything, sell anything, build your own profile, build your ideas, start a business, close a business, promote a business, get help, ask for advice, get support, build projects, change projects, make a difference and no-one needs to conform. Some who have tumbled from ultimate heights to unfathomable depths can be with us through a thorny recovery – and we welcome them. This is a publicity machine that gives people a voice in all phases – low or high. It gives all of us access to areas like special needs and indigenous affairs to get people to listen and take notice. Our Ideals How Psychles works Everyone has a story that needs to be told or a hobby or passion to promote yet many of us never get the opportunity to tell it or to do it There are many reasons that get in the way including funds, insecurity, fear of the unknown and lack of expertise. Psychles solves all of these issues leaving you clear to have fun telling your story or doing your own thing. If you stay tuned and we invite you to promote your new project or talent on one of our many social media and internet platforms please do so. If we are impressed, we will send you a complete outline of what we will do for you. Meanwhile, sharpen your pencil, contemplate your navel, think of a subject and get started - It really is a breeze!
Ben Fernandes
Psychles is Ben’s brainchild and his passion. Ben is determined to make a difference in society by protecting those that need protecting and lifting those that can do with a leg up. Together we can become a power to drive change. He believes that we can do this without a price tag because if we make others successful, success will come our way.
Mike Fernandes
Mike’s creative input is spread throughout Psychles in branding, copywriting, photography, illustration, concepts, design etc. Mike believes he has learned more in the short period that Psychles has been in play than in all his years of experience. This knowledge will drive his passion for driving the success of others, for the environment, for preserving history and in helping the community.