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AEIOU Vowel Word Game – Test your word skills – You have 15 seconds a vowel

AEIOU Vowel Word Game – Test your word skills – You have 15 seconds a vowel

Can you be victors over your friends and family?

How good are you at making words?

How fast can you react to what you see?

How good are you at pressure tests and countdowns?

How many words can you make with the Vowels AEIOU?

The rules for this game are:
You have 15 seconds a vowel.
Letters show up on the screen that blink line a heart beat.
You have a timer that counts down from 15 seconds.
When the timer is up how many words did you get.
Then test your friends either after each letter or at the end of the video.
Test it against someone else to let you know how good you are.
Please feel free to add your results in comments if you wish.

This video is good for word development, word skills, pressure tests and helping your mind build focus and concentration.

This video is great to understand the basic understanding & psychology of how a vowel works.

Thanks for watching, have fun and share with your friends and family. Please also feel free to like and comment so we can keep making our channel better for you.

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