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Avid The Alien
HelenMiracleworx (Alphaavid1) AlphaavidWalsh 1st President & Artist Agent 4 Avidthealien - Reverbnation top10Artist - #1hitsong - Procuring 3yearworldtour ROIviaRoyalties Procuring "Thee Worlds Largest Philanthropic Corporate Entity" Artists 4 the protection of the innocent with priceless Avid Endorsements of Corporate Synergynistic Collaboration' Exclusively for qualifying, Ethical Elite Industry & Services Currently procuring Our Non Profit entity *Children'Infinity Fund* inc **S.A.R.A.H'Z** * Sunshine And Rainbow Adoption HomeZ* *Children' Secure Compounds* World Wide For the saving and protection of Children with Icon & Children' Advocate' STRIKINGLY RECOGNISABLE *MARK* RESERVED* EXCLUSIVELY 4 QUALIFYING HOLISTIC*ARTIST'Z * ******* INDUSTRY & SERVICES ****** * Let's Raise the bar!!!:) Celebrating 2gether United EEEA*Eclectic Ethical Elite Assoc TEAM* EXCLUSIVE SPONSORSHIP!!?!!! EXCLUSIVE PROMOTION!!! Product Placements... Inc Stunning Fundraising Events, Music film/clips, illustrated Children' Books and animations inc merchandise INC *EHAWC*AVIDVIRTUAL WORLD!!! * CEO is creator of uniquely crafted security systems 4 the worlds elite ethical associates We are a powerful platform & gorjus for safety *Ethical Virtual World * creating Vision of... *Thee Safest Most Secure Portal* Specialties: Unique Visionary for exclusive and original Intellectual Property designs Of EHAWC' Ethical Children' Multimedia & Philanthropic entity ... RAPID Advance ROI projections Due to Our EHAWC Strategic Network CHILDREN' INFINITY TRUST* To fund environmental & Humanitarian projects world wide I am also the face behind Avid & avid about... Evolving A highly recognised & loved Corporate Icon As the face of the lovable Childrens Author , Comic Artist, Musician, Composer, Singer, Songwriter, Story boarder, Absolutely LOVE COLLABORATION!!!Z script writing, brainstorming, character voices,, guitarist, co-producing, stunning animation EVERYTHING POSITIVE & ITZ ALL GOOD!!!;)