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Bad Luna – The reverse and adverse effects of a personality within a personality

Bad Luna – We paint our face on each day to face the world.
Every feeling inside us is hidden . . . until . . .
Something snaps and our secret lunacy is exposed to everyone in every graphic detail . . .
Good or sometimes BAD
Confronting Artworks that make you perceive a little more and dig a little deeper.
Mike Fernandes’ artworks are always provocative. His art is never traditional. Mike believes that art is about feelings and expression. As a writer of sensitive words, he sees art in every sentence that he writes and presents sensitivity in each artwork as he sees it.
Many of Mike Fernandes’ artworks are without the use of brushes. He rubs charcoal, paint or oil crayons on his hands and plays with a blank sheet of art paper until a face appears and seems to stare at you as if they knew what your were feeling.
Mike’s sketches are fascinating as he believes that sometime, somewhere the personalities that appear in the art paper are real and are communicating in a way that only they know how.
He also feels that the personalities that present themselves in an artwork are not necessarily as they appear. They could be the female side of males, the masculine side of females or just completely mixed up. But he believes that they are all beautiful.

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