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Epoxy Resin Crystal Clear Kit 32 Oz Resin and Hardener Non Toxic Casting Resin Kit for Beginners Coating Arts Crafts DIY Jewelry Making River Tables

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Epoxy ResinEpoxy Resin

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Epoxy Resin

Epoxy refers to any of the basic components or cured end products of epoxy resins. Epoxy resins, also known as polyepoxides, are a class of reactive prepolymers and polymers which contain epoxide groups. Epoxy resin can react with its hardner to create beautiful epoxy resin crafts, like bracelet, necklace pedant, jewellery box, phone shell, key ring. Perfect gift for DIY craft lovers to enjoy leisure time and make pretty craft decorations

INK LAB Epoxy Resin Kit

Product Details

Material: Premium epoxy resin

Capacity: 16 Oz/Bottle

Using: 1:1 Ratio

Package Includes: 1 x Epoxy Resin, 1 x Hardener, 6 x Wood Sticks, 4 x Mixing Cup,2 x Pair of Rubber Gloves,1 x Detailed User Manual

Epoxy resin kit for casting coating and art projects

Epoxy resin and hardener kit for resin art and resin jewellery

Best holiday gift for friends family and DIY lovers

How to DIY Your Bracelet with Epoxy Resin









Pour the A: B=3:1 into the measuring cup and stir with the stick until no swirls and crystal clear

Pour the the epoxy resin into molds without any bubbles

Drop the epoxy resin dye with toothstick into resin and stir thoroughly

Until it becomes hard to get it out, usually takes about 24 hours and a little more polish will make it more beautiful


8 Oz/ Bottle

8 OZ/ Bottle

6.9 OZ/ Bottle





Crystal Clear

Crystal Clear with 24 Colors Mica Powder

Crystal Clear with 20 Colors Resin Dye

20 Colors

Silicone White

Silicone White


Gloves, wooden sticks, mixing cups

Gloves, wood sticks, mixing cups, spoons, pipette, silicone cups, glitter sequins

Gloves, wood sticks, mixing cups, spoons, pipette, silicone cups, glitter sequins


Jewelry resin casting molds and resin craft DIY tools

Gold Foil Sheets

Gift Package

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Upgraded Crystal Clear Resin- With its self-leveling and self-degassing features, our clear epoxy resin can cure smooth crystal clear and has glassy finish. Scratch, stain and yellowing resistance make your resin jewelry beautiful and everlasting
Complete Resin Art Set- INK LAB epoxy resin kit comes with 1 x 16 oz bottle of resin, 1 x 16 oz hardener, 4 x mixing cup, 6 x stirring stick and 2 x pair of rubber gloves, all inclusive materials and accessories for resin art DIY
Easy to Use- 1:1 mix ratio, just mix one part resin to one part hardener and have about 45 minutes of work time at room temperature to produce your exquisite resin crafts with high gloss formulated epoxy resin kit
Multifunctional Epoxy Resin Kit- INK LAB clear casting resin will be perfect for all casting, coating and art projects, like cutting boards, coasters, resin art, resin jewellery, coating artwork, molds, edge river tables, tumblers and wood blocks

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