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Grace Digital Message and Music on Hold USB Digital MP3 Player, Silver (GDI-USBM10)

Price: $98.08
(as of Feb 19,2021 06:54:58 UTC – Details)

The Grace Digital messaging and music on hold USB MP3 player (model: GDI-USBM10) is the perfect solution for your small office, home office, and large campus wide telephone systems. The GDI-USBM10 comes with a 512MB USB thumb drive that is pre-loaded with 6 hours of high quality royalty-free music designed for the professional out environment. Insert the thumb Drive into the GDI-USBM10 Then plug it into any telephone system’s music on hold jack and wall power outlet and the music starts playing continuously – 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Power outage, no problem! The GDI-USBM10 USB MP3 player stores all the music on the USB thumb drive and will automatically start playing When the power is restored. There is even a built in monitor speaker that you can turn on and off to verify the music is playing through your phone system at the volume level that you desire.If you like to add additional music simply drag and drop any MP3 file onto the included thumb drive. Or if you desire to create your own personalized custom play list and mix and match custom messages use the free included Grace music Master PC software (while you can use a mac or PC to drag and drop MP3 files and play them on the GDI-USBM10, The Grace music Master software only works with PC’s). if you desire more than 6 hours of continuous play music Use your own larger USB drive ( the GDI-USBM10 will accept up to a 2Gb thumb drive). register your GDI-USBM10 with Grace Digital and receive 1 free personalized message.Whether you want the perfect music on hold system to help drive customer satisfaction, background music for your store, restaurant, office, display, museum or park, the GDI-USBM10 is the leading system of choice.

Plug and play -The included USB drive is preloaded with 6 hours of royalty – free music and standard thank you for holding messages
Auto play after power loss. The GDI-USBM10 automatically starts playing after power is restored
Built-in speaker – Monitor the audio on the device directly via the built-in speaker
Industrial strength- High quality metal enclosure and electronics for the demanding business environment. Place on a shelf or easily mount to any surface
Connectivity- RCA mono audio output with 8 / 600 ohm switch for optimal sound to your phone system
Auto Play Automatically Starts Playing After Power Is Restored. Use the included cable to plug the Music on Hold player into your phone system’s audio input jacked (usual marked “music on hold”)insert the USB drive and you’re up and running
Includes – Free Grace Music master software for PC (Windows 7, Vista, XP), 512 MG USB thumb drive preloaded with 6 hours of royalty-free music, rca cables, mini connector, power adapter and manual
included power adapter – 110 / 220 VAC – 9VDC @ 500mA AC

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