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Kicked the bucket. Croaking it. Pushing-up daisies. Passed over, on, away. The D-word. We have no shortage of names for it, but when faced with death we are often lost for words. Our superstitions, fears about dying and the discomfort we feel, affect our approach and experiences of the end of life. We reckon it's time for an upgrade on how we go about our dying matters. Death is often over medicalised and institutionalised in Australia and the health care system does not harness the real value of involving family and friends in the process. Because of the lack of options, knowledge, capacity and decision making power, there are often negative repercussions for the person dying and those around them. We build communities that respond compassionately around end of life. For our communities to take action, we must socialise the conversation about death, dying and bereavement by providing opportunities for the community to re-develop a shared language for talking and planning for end of life using local resources and information. This helps to build people’s death literacy and connects people to one another, where they live and online.
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