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Jangles Jewellery – A New Look In Fashion & Being Fashionable✅

Jangles Jewellery – A New Look In Fashion & Being Fashionable✅ is a Great Revenue Raiser for all and any fundraisers.

Jangles Jewellery makes unique Glass & Sand Art Souvenirs which are one off and no two are alike

Unique Revenue Streams for All Needs.

Jangles Souvenirs are a stunning way to make money for –
Souvenir Shops
Tourism Outlets
Sporting Clubs
Market Stalls
Animal Welfare Groups
Gift Shops

Whatever your needs, we can tailor a package to suit.

Jangles Souvenirs are unique.

There are no two pieces exactly alike anywhere in the world.

Each piece is hand-made and hand finished in Australia.

We use recycled and crushed sea glass infused with exotic colorful glasses to make individual artworks.

Jangles Sand Artworks are infused with sand or gravel from various locations to suit the application.

These miniature artworks are presented as a variety of items such as necklaces, key-rings, dog tags, wine glass charms etc.

Jangles Souvenirs take up very little showroom space, yet are highly visual to attract buyer attention.

Jangles Souvenirs have a low cost per item and a high mark-up which increases their profitability.

Here are some examples of how we can help your bottom line –
Fundraisers & Charities

Jangles can design an entire campaign to suit your branding.
We can even control sales and distribution.

Market Stall Holders
Jangles can set you up with an entire market package on consignment.
When you sell products, we replenish stocks and you pay for what’s been sold.

Weddings & Events
Jangles can design items to suit your theme colours and even pictures of people involved.

Zoos & Animal Welfare Organisations
Jangles Sand Art Souvenirs with genuine ‘Tiger Poo’ or ‘sand from the snake pit’ sealed inside.

A world of perfect imperfection where everything is a work of art
Jangles is an exciting new art form that brings together concepts, design, artwork, craft and skill to play with your senses of touch, smell and sight.

Each piece is a unique artwork in its own right, no matter how small, so no two will ever be exactly alike.

Unlike a mechanical kaleidoscope which has a set structure, these have no constraints, allowing a fluid and beautiful series of patterns to emerge. The colours literally dance with each element until they settle into a final form.

This is a gifting solution that makes beautiful and unique gifts when you need to get something special for someone that is unique, thoughtful and classy without costing a fortune.

Jangles Sand Art Souvenir Range

Each unique item has a little sand or soil, gravel or grit or sea glass from some special place – yours to treasure and to talk about FOREVER!

AND we don’t harm the environment – A small sandwich bag of sand (about the amount you take out in your swimmers) is enough for hundreds of souvenirs.

Jangles for Precious Pets Range
When you want the special ones in your life to dress up and show off, there’s nothing quite as stunning as Jangles.

Please remember that Pet Jewellery can only be used on pampered pets who pose NOT only the crazy little darlings that jump off the ceiling!! (But we’re working on a special range to suit so stay tuned)

Even photos of ‘all-star’ animals have been very successful.
Contact us soon so we can start to set up your next revenue raiser.
You don’t have to pay a thing until you’re ready to make sales.

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