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Jodie Guerrero Jodie Guerrero is an active 'Consumer Health Advocate' and her story is well known throughout the world. Jodie’s story has progressed throughout the years and is now being read by top politicians, world royals and national figures. Her full memoir is soon to be published worldwide and then hopefully an inspiring film/doco may follow. By telling her story to those who make bigger decisions, she wishes to change particularly the GP system - becoming a safer place from the false declaration of being called a 'Hypochondriac' when real, present & dangerous systems prevail. GP dismissal of critical symptoms really is a worldwide issue. Here in Australia, there does not seem to be any standardised 'safety tools' inbuilt into the standard 10 minute GP visit. Our GP visits are now rushed and patients are often scared to challenge their GP's opinion or lack of it. Stepping into a regular GP office can be intimidating for some: diplomas, medical encyclopaedia's, diagrams & charts can make a health consumer feel like 'a grain of rice' in terms of his/her own health intelligence. This feeling of inadequacy can be worse for older Australians & Indigenous people. When a patient leaves a GP office - he/she is rarely given the opportunity to resist or disagree with the medical opinion offered. Sure medical experts may disagree with me and add that there is plenty of opportunity to do this. However, this is far from reality - as a patient: your in his/her medical office, his/her medical practice with overhanging medical degrees and books that make no sense to the average consumer. One is made to feel that there is no formal welcome to disagree and press on with investigative testing. Due to an extended 'Delayed Diagnosis' in 2006 - Jodie almost lost her life. Since this time, she has spoken to literally hundreds of fellow patients who all have a similar story. We need to do something about this and I am passionate about this 'fobbing off - of patients'. A simple mandatory question @ the end of each GP consult could remedy this issue. Something like 'Are you happy with my opinion today?' would give the patient a 'green light' to question the GP's opinion and further discuss the symptomatic concerns of a possibly very sick individual. Here is my story: My website is: www.jodiesjourney.com Jodie is a Mum with two beautiful special needs girls, who has fought cancer three times and in total has dealt with six medical traumas - six time death dodger. Proven Medical Negligence | Lymphoma 01 | Lymphoma 02 | MDS (RCMD) | Bone Marrow Transplant & GVHD Rejection Disease (Mouth, Throat, Skin & currently: Eyes, Lungs). During Jodies search for an answer to her initial symptoms, she experienced a delayed diagnosis - Nov/05 to Sep/06. She visited 7 doctors - 21 doctors visits, but was basically told she was a hypochondriac. Close to death, Jodie discovered in desperation via the RBWH ER that she had extensive and profuse Stage 4 Follicular B-Cell Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, eating into nerves | bone & muscle. NHL is a blood cancer that (in her) was caused by two random & common viruses - Glandular Fever and Epstein-Barr Virus. As a result of the extensive disease - she was losing her R leg mobility - her R leg is still weakened and she has Atrophy of the R leg muscles, due to tumour scarring. Because of this, Jodie wears a full leg brace. Jodie absolutely believes that had she been diagnosed sooner, she would have avoided almost all of her pain and suffering, by wrestling with cancer three times. One of Jodies former doctors was found guilty of medical negligence by her state medical board. She truly wants to change our medical system, so that more cancer patients are diagnosed sooner - too many die as a result of a 'delayed diagnosis' - amazingly, Jodie skipped that boat several times, but only just. Since that first encounter with blood cancer in 2006, Jodie relapsed again in 2008 and had to then leave work. In another blow, Jodie then developed another new cancer, caused by the toxicities needed as chemotherapy for Lymphoma 1 & 2. The new cancer was Myleodysplasia or Pre-Leukaemia and she needed a transplant to then save her life, once again!! In 2014, Jodie had an Allogeneic Bone Marrow Transplant to save her life. All up, Jodie has endured 94 doses of chemo & radiation and now take 50 pills a day, with monthly plasma infusions. It is a miracle she is still alive. Jodie enjoys writing for publications, magazines and blogging. She also has several years experience as a radio announcer, with TV/Media experience. Her story has been seen and heard all over the world. Royalty and world leaders have listened to and read about her journey through trials and suffering - Jodie’s journey is still continuing and it inspires thousands of people. Thank you for reading and please tell your friends/family to always question their doctors - no-one knows your body better than you.