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My Story Box
Your little black box contains everything you will need to guide you through the process of telling your story all the way through until you present it to someone you care about. As your story unravels, you will awaken memories that become a precious gift that you give to yourself. This is indeed a gift for you to give away and to keep.
Your story is the most precious gift you can give to anyone.
‘My Story’
is Your Story in a little black box
Inside each presentation is a unique miniature glass artwork love token – there are no two exactly alike anywhere in the world. The love token is as unique as you are.
You can keep your story nice and neat or pack it full of as many stories and pictures as you like.
All you have to do is to enjoy re-living all those special moments as you relate them in each clearly marked section. You will love the whole experience!
‘My Story’ is your story beautifully packaged and presented in a little ‘Black Box’ complete with a very special gift ready for you to present to someone special. You will love the whole experience!
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