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Sparklet Micro:bit

Price: $54.99
(as of Mar 24,2021 08:35:49 UTC – Details)

This accessory was designed specifically to provide the micro:bit with an incredible 256 color LED display. Compatible with MakeCode it is simply a breeze to have the micro:bit display brilliant visuals. Create incredible animations using Microsoft Expressive Pixels for your Maker explorations. MICROBIT NOT INCLUDED

256 Brilliant LEDs This display uses 256 of the latest 2x2mm WS2812B-2020 compatible color RGB LEDs, consuming 50% less power and generating 50% less heat than previous components. This translates into longer running times from your battery powered designs.
micro:bit Edge Connector Your micro:bit easily slides into the Edge Connector at the rear of the display, exposing it’s ‘A’ and ‘B’ buttons.
Integrated Charger and Booster An integrated USB charger tops of the LiPo battery, and Booster module ensures the display can be powered from the range of LiPo voltages. The micro:bit can be simultaneously connected via its own USB cable for data transfer without any interference.
1000 mAh rechargeable battery This battery can easily power the Sparklet for micro:bit continuously for 3 hours, much longer with intermittent use.
Polycarbonate enclosure The accessory is housed in a tough polycarbonate shell protecting the display and battery. MICROBIT NOT INCLUDED

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