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Lessons Learned by an everyday ordinary girl V.F.Lili Published by FastPencil I hope that everyone who reads this book realises that they are the owner of their own destiny and that they can make anything happen. NEVER FAIL TO DREAM AND BELIEVE AND MAKE IT A REALITY.
This book has been a dream of mine for some time. It’s not written with the intent to be a self-help book or as expert advice but as a easy read to show everyone that anything in life is possible. My story is not one that comes from hardship, tragedy or a life changing event though I have been touched by some of these that have shaped who I am today. It’s a story that shows resilience, hard-work and the right attitude can open up opportunities and experiences for you. I will share with you lessonsLearned, my philosophy in life and where I like to spend my time and energy in my life. If this book can help one person realise what’s important in life or to make one small change to help themselves then my work has been worthwhile. REMEMBER LIFE IS PRECIOUS SO SPEND YOUR TIME WISELY. So where did it all Start? To determine where my strong work ethic has come from I need to take you back to my childhood and my family background. I grew up in your typical family of mum, dad and 2 kids which was common in the 70’s. We lived in a predominantly housing commission neighbourhood on the South Coast of NSW in Australia. Dad was a plumber, whilst mum was a stay at home mum right up until I commenced high school when she decided to go to TAFE and become a qualified child care worker where her career started off at the age of 33. Dad worked overtime where needed but my brother and I never went without the necessities. Presents were for birthdays and Christmas’s and take-out was a treat not a daily or weekly occurrence. A treat or night off cooking for mum and dad meant picking up KFC and eating it at South Beach. We didn’t have the latest gadgets or branded clothing but we had loads of friends and a carefree childhood that was fun and stress free. My teenage years were spent playing netball, running, going to the beach and working part-time. Watching dad work so hard instilled in me that things had to be worked for and nothing was handed to you on a silver platter. Lesson Learned: Nothing comes from free, hard work and perseverance pays off in the longer term. Continue Page 2 for more information Also For the rest of this fascinating, down to earth journey download the e-book now from Fastpencil https://fp.fastpencil.com/products/VGDYCENATDVG